Extron Electronics - EDID Manager

Extron Electronics - EDID Manager 2.0

Reads and generates reports based on Extron display data
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Extron Electronics

Connect your Extron display devices to a computer and check their performance or identify possible issues via the application. It checks the display's EDID and generates an automated report with a detailed description of the hardware and software status of the device.

Extron EDID Manager® is a software tool that can be a useful aid in troubleshooting potential EDID compatibility issues between a display and the source connected to it. The software allows you to read the display's EDID and generate a report, providing detailed information about the display device.

- Free EDID management software utility
- View supported video and audio capabilities of system devices
- Troubleshooting aid for determining EDID compatibility issues
- Reads device EDID and generates a detailed report
- Supports secondary, 128-byte extension blocks such as CEA-861
- Compatible with VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort equipped devices

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